CT Amazónico

Research Zone

Añangu Kichwa community: example of indigenous human settlements along the Napo River

Productive biodiversity: example of possible agro-ecological forest restoration stages

Plot ownership around Shushufindi: example of the "finca" land use typology along roads

Field research at Portonapo Providencia (photo: P. Herreros)

Field research close to El Triunfo (photo: P. Herreros)

Participatory analysis of the Manta-Manaos corridor at the Kichwa indigenous community of Nueva Providencia (photo: J. Andrade)

Participatory analysis of the Manta-Manaos corridor at the Kichwa indigenous community of Nueva Providencia

Field Research on Amazon Land Use Patterns

Inter-institutional Cooperation Project between Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE) and the Provincial Government of Sucumbíos (GADPS) with the support of Fundación Avina

Quito and Lago Agrio, 2014

Research team PUCE:
Juan Andrade, Alejandro Armas, Juan Diego Astudillo, Fernanda Bosmediano, Ottmar Cerón, Santiago Custodio, Santiago del Hierro, Luis Felipe Flores, Martín Guerrero, David Guevara, Paul Haro, Pablo Herreros, Isidro Iturralde, Paula Izurieta, Brita Lemmens, Pablo Lloret, Esteban Loza, Sebastián Lucero, Mateo Naranjo, Gabriel Moyer-Perez, Pedro Orellana, Juan Francisco Pérez
Research team GADPS:
Edwin Herrera, Mercedes León, Esteban Salazar
Report edition:
María del Carmen Burbano, Santiago del Hierro, Brita Lemmens, Carolina Loor

The Consultorio Territorial Amazónico (CT), was a participatory field investigation project in Ecuador’s northern Amazon region and conducted by a team of researchers and students from the fields of urbanism, architecture, geography, anthropology, ethnography and sociology. It was based at the Provincial Government of Sucumbíos in Lago Agrio and received valuable support from the Center for Agricultural Research and Services (CISAS), the Kichwa indigenous communities of Añangu and Nueva Providencia, members of several cooperatives from the Parishes of El Eno, Limoncocha and San Roque, and representatives of Portonapo Providencia.

Departing from previous academic research done by the Manta-Manaus Lab at PUCE, this project considered a wider territory within the Municipality of Shushufindi, including small towns, agricultural plots from the agrarian reform, indigenous territories, protected areas and local productive enterprises. Along with qualitative research, land surveys (GIS) were carried out along the new Yamanunka-Providencia road in order to provide updated cadastral information for the next phase, the Strategic Territorial Plan for the Manta-Manaos Corridor in Sucumbíos (Plan ZIMM-S).

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