Quinta Calisto

"Blind facades" concept model

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Blind wall facades

Blind wall facades V2

Housing Complex

Cumbayá, Ecuador

2011 (unbuilt)

Design team:
Francisco Cevallos, José de La Torre, Santiago del Hierro, Felipe Donoso, Mike Fonseca, Michelle Izurieta, Roberto Morales, Erika Silva

The Quinta Calisto houses were designed for couples from the same family that desired to live as a community but with a high degree of visual privacy. Concealment, therefore, became the main concept for four out of the five units. The front of each house towards the communal space was designed as “blind” wall while the other sides of the building would open up towards gardens. Materiality and main entrances on these walls were then developed with each couple to reflect their personality and aspirations.