Video installation for Postcolonial Urbanism: Architectural Experimentations and Urban Researches from the Tropics, curated by Antonio di Campli and Sabina Lenoci

Venice Biennial 2016 International Architecture Exhibition Collateral Event, May – Nov 2016

Santiago del Hierro
Video edit:
Special thanks to Mercedes León, María Minda Aguinda, Dulce María Pérez, the Cofán-Dureno Community and Portonapo Providencia

A limpia is an ancestral cleansing ritual in the Amazon. This video installation presents the use of air and smoke in two quotidian instances that take place not far from each other. On the left, a limpia in Cofán-Dureno, an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. On the right, the maintenance and cleaning of a barge that will supply materials for oil extraction along the Napo river between Ecuador and Peru.

Albeit the contrast, in both procedures: care, concern, hope.