Uncovering Providencia

Multi-layered placemats

Placemat Installation

Placemat Installation

Placemat Installation

Exhibition at the 15th International Architecture Venice Biennial

Time-Space-Existence Collateral Event, Palazzo Mora (May – Nov, 2016)

Research and Design:
Santiago del Hierro, Roger Sherman, Yeung Ho Man, Yuna Kubota, Rachel Lee, Gabriel Moyer-Perez, Elly Wardiva
Exhibition Design:
Agnes Pierscieniak, Fabiola Cruz, Mark Lagola, Victoria McKenna
Institutional Support:
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE), CityLAB/UCLA, Gensler, European Cultural Center

Uncovering Providencia was a parallel exhibit based on research and design developed for Divining Providencia and also uses the table as a medium to explore alternative ways of unveiling a narrative about a multi-scalar approach to sustainable economic development in the Amazon. In this case, the installation is made up of several layers of paper placemats that the audience can take away as useable objects, and not as the typical brochures that turn into waste as soon as they leave the exhibition venue.

As people remove placemats, new information is uncovered. Six scales –World, Amazon, Region, Port, Products and People- reveal some of the interdependent relations between social, economic, environmental and spatial aspects in the Amazon region.